1st Birthday Celebration!!


(Caitlin) I normally only write blog posts for my travels, tagging all the delicious dinners I had and sights I saw. But this one will be a bit different!

I think by this point you know that every time I visit family back in Ohio, I pick up Jimmy John's, have a night out at Jag's, and countless dance parties with my niece and nephew.

I'd rather take the time and recap every special moment (small and big) celebrating styleNmotion's first birthday!

  • Family dinner where my aunts rush through eating just so they can try on the new styles first!!

  • Personal styling sessions with ladies that couldn't make it to the party. I LOVE styling 1-on-1. More time to catch up and chat through how to layer new pieces into what's already in their wardrobe.

  • High tea with Grandma where almost every sentence ends with how proud she is of me! 💕

  • Christy surprising me with a bracelet that said "She believed she could so she did." This was so unexpected and pulled at my heart strings in every way.


  • First birthday party!! Over 25 women came out to celebrate - ages 22 - 87!! Yes we really do have something for everyone!


  • Having every member of my family, friends that I grew up with, and one of my high school teachers came out to catch up, play dress up, and celebrate my first year in business!!





  • Having Christy and two of my cousins, Dakota and Lindsey, modeling the new styles! These girls are the definition of supportive and always make me smile!! photoshoot


  • Ordering a changing pod off Amazon so we could change outside. Super helpful and doubled as a warming pod because it was SO cold!


The weekend celebration in Ohio reminded me just how lucky I am to have such a strong support system, for the good and the bad.

My first year in business was a roller coaster ride! Every positive and negative was a first. My first sale, my first return, my first shipping mistake, my first sell out, my first pop up, and the list goes on.

It has been such an incredible learning experience and I've never felt more inspired and excited for the future!!

Thank you for every like, comment, note, and sale. This small business owner still does a dance for each of them.

Cheers to year two! I can't wait for you to see all the new styles on March 21st!


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