5 years in the making


(Ryan) When Caitlin and I were married, we went to Costa Rica on our honeymoon and loved it so much that we decided, while still on that trip, that we should return 5 years later.

It's been 5 busy years, but we made sure to take the time to celebrate our 5 year anniversary how we always planned: by returning to Costa Rica. Only this time, Caitlin's parents tagged along.

We stayed in the same private house along a hillside in Guanacaste that we honeymooned in. It has a back patio with an infinity pool and the views are incredible, no matter the time of day. I even convinced Caitlin and Jim to wake up for the sunrise one morning.


Half the nights we stayed in and I cooked. The other nights we tried different restaurants around the property. Our first dinner out was at Marea. Delicious and had an amazing view.


One morning Caitlin, her father, and I went golfing! I'm lucky enough that Caitlin likes to ride with me as I play.

The clubhouse has an incredible entranceway.


I may not be much of a golfer, but getting to play with Jim (who is way better than me) along with a beautiful backdrop was a blast!


Oh ya, Caitlin was there too!


Everyone took a really fun cooking class where we prepared snapper wrapped in banana leaves, Costa Rican stew, and chocolate lava cakes. We had dinner planned afterward, but we were stuffed after leaving the class.

We got a rare pic: Caitlin cooking!


We spent the entire next day on an excursion. Our driver took us a couple hours outside of the city (using one of the bumpiest roads I've ever been on).

Our first stop was this incredible old ranch where we had a chance to use the restroom, stretch, and have a cup of Costa Rican coffee. Our driver told us that we must have coffee!


Then we headed to the river and got on a boat. We saw crocodiles, howler monkeys, and all sorts of lizards.


We then went back to the ranch for an authentic Costa Rican lunch.

When we got home, we had visitors on our back patio. I caught this troop of monkeys come by the pool and bathe each other.

They're wild animals, but as long as you don't feed them, they wont bother you. It was fun sitting outside as they hopped around the patio and into the trees.


It was really special sharing our vacation with Jim and Cindy!


But it was fun getting a little alone time too.


On our anniversary, Caitlin and I headed to the beach club for the day and went out (just the two of us) for a special dinner at the Four Seasons. We used the last light of the day for a quick styleNmotion photo shoot, and a passerby offered to take our picture.


The next morning, just like on our honeymoon, we had to do a couples massage. I didn't fall asleep this time!


All four of us had dinner together on our last night at an incredible steak house at the golf club. The meal was amazing, and we capped the night with another styleNmotion shoot.


(Caitlin) It was such a special week! Filled with yummy food, exploring, and reminiscing about the last 5 years. I'm already planning our 10 year anniversary.... back in Costa Rica!!

Until next time!

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