Bermuda Getaway


(Caitlin) After hearing friends talk about their trip to Bermuda and how short the flight from JFK was, we thought: why not? We booked a cheap flight a few months ago and took off with zero plans.

After the easiest customs experience and a 20 minute taxi ride, we arrived at our hotel. We unpacked, made dinner reservations for the long weekend, and went straight to the beach! The most famous beach in Bermuda, Horseshoe Bay, was next door to our hotel. We spent hours walking up and down the beach, and of course taking a few selfies!


That night we headed to 1 of the 10 restaurants on property, The Newport. Food was good, but we were in and out in an hour and ready for our PJs.

After a workout the next morning, we headed to the pool. It was relaxing to sit back and just read my new book, The Good Girl. I can't put it down!

While I read, Ryan "tinkered" on his laptop.


The poolside restaurant, The Burger Bar, was my favorite because I could eat outside in my robe!


That night we headed to what became one of our favorite restaurants EVER, Ocean Club. We sat outside, watched the sunset, and I had the most delicious meal of my life - a Bermuda Yam Roll!



After sleeping off the 3-course meal, we were back at the gym and reading by the pool most of the day. Once we had enough sun, we changed and went to high tea at The Jasmine Lounge. High Tea is one of my favorite hobbies in life that Ryan puts up with! It was extra special getting dressed up and girlie in my new styleNmotion dress.


That night we stayed in and binge watched Master of None because we have no willpower to wait until we're home. The first episode is all about making pasta, so obviously we ordered late night spaghetti. It's vacation!

The next morning, after working off the pasta, we headed to the private beach on property and had lunch at the Cabana Bar. Healthy and delicious!


Normally on our trips, we have work events or are with family and friends and are constantly exploring. We wanted this trip to be relaxing and filled with nothing. However on day three I got the itch to explore!

I chatted with the concierge about what was within walking distance (since taxi's are expensive and the island is very spread out), and she recommended the lighthouse. We traipsed about a mile to the lighthouse, up 185 steps, and were greeted by a 360 degree view of the tiny 20 square-mile island.



To end a perfect trip, you need a perfect meal. The Waterlot Inn was a cozy steakhouse with incredible service. We had an obnoxious amount of food that Ryan described as "a mouthwatering experience with explosions of flavor."

Thank you Jessica for the recommendation!


We ended the night upstairs in their lounge by the fire with a drink in hand. It was hard to leave such a beautiful spot!


Until next time!

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