Blung out in Orlando


(Caitlin) This trip was very different from the rest, we had a girl's business trip!! I started chatting with my Mom about this trip back in January. I was so excited and nervous to go to my first Stella conference.

My mom said that she had never traveled without my Dad, never done a girls trip, and never been on a plane without him. Dad is pretty fun, but Mom deserved some girl time too!

Ryan stayed home with the pups while Mom and I met in Orlando. We checked in at the Orlando Center World Marriott, got settled, and I was off to the pool! I met up with most of my team for a poolside drink. I have chatted online with these ladies for almost two years but never met them in person. We had a blast!


That night, by luck, my best friend Christy, her hubby Joe, and her two perfect kids were in town for family vacation at Disney. We met at High Velocity for dinner and got to see the 1,000's of pictures they had taken with the princesses, Buzz Lightyear, and Jake the Pirate.


The next day was a huge celebration! I started the day with a few spa treatments at the hotel, popped into Solaris for lunch with a fellow stylist, and got ready for the Red Show Affair. It's an invite only party for Stars (which is the sweet spot career level in Stella). Mom couldn't come with me but I surprised her with her own red shoes to wear that weekend!


I started the night meeting my amazing mentor, Erin, in the hotel bar for a glass of champagne!!


Then toasting my amazing pacing trio - Liz & Angie - for motivating me when I was down!!


And got a picture with my Star!!



The party was fabulous! Very swanky and tons of red shoes to oogle at. The executive team was there to share their excitement, champagne and food was everywhere, and the DJ was awesome. We ended the night by stopping in our team suite for a Star cookie and some champagne!




The next day was the first day of the conference. I has to start the day with a picture of my star!


The conference started with amazing facts and figures about our growing business and the philanthropy partnerships that we have been apart of. Then it was time for our fall fashion show! Showing all the newest pieces on the runway.


After the fashion show, celebrity stylist Mary Alice Stephenson, came out to show us all the ways to style the new collection. That was the best part, so much fun!


That night we had a team dinner at Tapa Toro for tapas. I loved getting to know these #girlbosses.


The next day I said good morning to my star and went in for some amazing training!


Mom and I did a quiet girls dinner at Siro and came back to Facetime Dad and Ryan. They were both pretty miserable without us. On a positive not, Mom makes the best Stella model!


Until next time!

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