Business in Cincy


(Caitlin) I always look forward to my trips back to Ohio, but this one had me so excited I couldn't sleep! I planned a fall photoshoot, my very first sample sale, and tons of family time.

Dad picked me and my 4 bags up from the airport and we headed home to unpack and change for dinner. The first night home we went to Jags for family dinner. If you want to read more about this adorable bunch, check out this blog post.

Now this is my #girlsquad!


And this is my handsome date!


The next morning (after wine and a large meal) Mom, Christy, and I headed to the photoshoot. It was amazing to have Christy on set with me - styling, modeling, and making me smile!


Working with my childhood friend, Michelle Jackson of Bambino International, is always a treat! Especially when she shows up in her styleNmotion top!


These two ladies were a dream to work with and truly brought the fall collection to life! I can't wait until the next photoshoot in November.


After we wrapped up, I traded in Christy for her adorable offspring! The night was filled with Jimmy John's, gator rides, and hot tub time. They agreed I was the best babysitter ever!


The entire weekend consisted of two of my favorite things - family and fashion! My family came over and helped me set up for the sample sale the following day. My Aunt Lynn made my night when she purchased the last striped tee, making that my first sell out!


Sample sale day was basically an eight hour fashion show. I loved seeing the clothing on all the different women in my life and getting fantastic feedback on my small but mighty brand.


This was the cheering section as ladies would come out with a new outfit on!


This is what it looks like when two aunts and a cousin want the same top! We might have a Christmas uniform!!


Afterwards, we headed outside for a family dinner. Mia and I both had our cuppies!!


I absolutely love being an entrepreneur and a #girlboss, but it wouldn't be possible without this amazing support system. Thank you so much to all of my family and friends for supporting my business, especially my parents who let me turn their house into a store front!

Until next time!

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