Family Festivities


(Caitlin) Going back to Cincinnati is always a blur of hugs, laughter, and my favorite foods (looking at you Jag's and Jimmy John's!).

My parents picked Ryan and I up from the airport and took us straight to Chart House which we had never been to! Delicious food and gorgeous views of the city.

The next day we unpacked, had a relaxing day, and met up with both of our parents and Ryan's sister at Red Robbin for dinner and then headed to see Star Wars! We all loved it!!


The next morning, my cousin Dakota and I headed north to Germantown for a styleNmotion photoshoot with the amazing Michelle Jackson of Bambino International. I love building this business and sharing these fun moments with my family!!


That night was the LoBuono/Munafo/Megginson/Nystrom family get together - aka my happy place!


Having kids around for the holidays is so magical! Mac and Mia are so grown up! Their favorite gift was definitely the Star War's mobile!!


Christy's favorite gift was the entire new wardrobe she got from styleNmotion! The girl loves her layers!


This layer - not from stylenmotion but Amazon - was too funny to pass up! The perfect way to describe our 23 year friendship!


The next night my Mom's side of the family came over to make my Grandma's Chicken Pot Pie. I have no idea why we call it that because it's really chicken and dumplings. It was so good to have quality girl time while rolling out the dough!



Ryan and I decided the next day would be date day! We went down to Mariemont (another first for us!) and had lunch at the delicious Dilly Bistro and saw Ladybird at the small but adorable Mariemont Theatre. Probably my favorite movie of the year!

That night my Mom's side of the family came back over to eat the pot pie and spoil each other with gifts on Christmas Eve! We missed my cousin Megan and her hubby Austin this year but had to snap a cousin photo! My "little" cousins aren't so little anymore!


Zoey was less than impressed when Ryan started decorating her!


Christmas morning we opened gifts with my parents and the pups and then headed up to Ryan's parents house in Dayton. We enjoyed a relaxing brunch and hang out while I experimented with my new camera!!



That night we met my parents, Aunt Kim, and Uncle Brad at my Grandma's house for a delicious dinner to celebrate my Dad's side of the family! We love a good family selfie!


The next day we met Ryan's sister and Mom at our favorite Dayton spot Lily's Bistro. Then we headed to movie #3 at The Neon Theatre to see Shape of Water. The movie was good but I was more impressed by $5 movies every Tuesday!!

That night Ryan cooked dinner for my parents, Grandma, and I to celebrate my Mom's birthday! We had a formal 3 course meal followed by Mexican Train - my favorite domino game from childhood.


The following day was filled with running errands but ended perfectly with a Jimmy John's family dinner and dance party!


Our last day in town, Ryan babysat the kids so Christy and I could have some girl time! We went to a Zumba class, had lunch, and even organized her closet. Meanwhile, all three stooges were on their iPads, iPhone, and Nintendo Switch. It was a win, win, win!


That night we headed to Jag's with Mom, Dad, and Grandma for a delicious dinner and, of course, a few photos!


Until next time!

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