Girlbosses take Vegas


(Caitlin) Every year Stella & Dot has an annual inspiration conference, which is basically three days filled with business building workshops, girl time, and champagne. This year it was at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

I flew in a day early for some pool time! After relaxing in the sun with my Stella sisters, we headed to Crush for dinner. It was definitely my favorite restaurant inside the hotel.

Day one of the conference was filled with leadership talks from our executive team, sharing their vision for the future of the company. My favorite part of the entire trip happened that morning - a Q&A with our board of directors! Hearing from these five industry leaders was extremely inspiring!


That night I got to catch up with friends from across the country, including this beauty, Liz.


The next day started with a live fashion show of the fall collection! The afternoon was filled with breakout sessions where we could really focus on our personal business. I met up with my two Stella besties, Robyn and Angie to chat about our businesses and future goals.


Later that evening, we had a team toast with adorable decorations and favors. Any moment can turn into a styleNmotion photoshoot!


We then headed to dinner at Olive's. It was inside the Bellagio, overlooking the fountains, and absolutely delicious!


The next day was the last day of the conference. There were several morning sessions and workshops followed by the best inspirational talk I've ever seen given by Shawn Achor. I loved his story and really everything he had to say. So much that I'm currently reading his first book, The Happiness Advantage.


The last night we had a final team dinner, celebrating everything we had accomplished, both individually and together, throughout the past year. It was so much fun to meet these women from all over the country that I work with everyday and get to know each other.


I squeezed in brunch and a few hours of sun the next morning then headed back to Ryan and the pups.

I love flying into NYC at night. The skyline and lights still take my breath away! I especially love this picture. The long dark rectangle in the middle of Manhattan being Central Park and all the bright lights of Times Square. The dark cut off square at the bottom right of Manhattan is Stuytown - where us and 33,000 other New Yorkers call home.


Until next time!

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