Quick Trip to Ohio


(Caitlin) I've always wanted to take Mac & Mia (basically my niece and nephew) trick-or-treating! So I planned a quick trip back to Ohio for Halloween.

My Dad picked me up from the airport and took me straight to the bus stop where I got Mac off the bus (how is he old enough to ride the bus!?). We picked up Mia and went home to play. Playing Battleship with a 5 year old while getting my makeup done by a 3 year old was a first!

Once it was time to trick-or-treat, the kids put on their costumes, Christy and I filled our solo cups with wine, and we were off!



The kids had a blast! After about an hour, Mia was cold and tired, so we called my Dad to come pick her up. After making our rounds, my Dad and Mac ending the evening by organizing his candy into type and counting each pile. But first, Mac had to take a celebratory photo!


The next morning was my winter photoshoot for styleNmotion. Working with my childhood friend, Michelle Jackson of Bambino International, is always a treat! I was also super excited to collaborate with the adorable fashion blogger, Sweet Caroline.


Having my bestie on set with me is a dream. Christy and I have a great routine of modeling and styling each other in recond time!


The following day I had personal shopping appointments with ladies that wanted to see the new collection 1-on-1. So fun to see what everyone was loving.

Then I got to babysit!! Mac & Mia came over to my parents house, had Jimmy Johns for dinner, and ended up decorating my parents house with "art."


The entire next day was spent preparing for the Pop-Up shop at my parents house. That night, we celebrated a successful photoshoot and exciting event ahead with a family dinner at Jag's. I, of course, sat in between the kids!


Mac was so excited about his steak he wanted to pose with it!


The highlight of the night was playing telephone around the 9 person table! I understand about every other word that Mia says which made the game very interesting!

Next on the itinerary was Girl's Day! When I was in London and Facetiming the kids, Mia was sad she couldn't go to high tea with us. So I did my research and found an adorable place to take her for high tea.

Mia requested we all wear her signature look, a bow.


Once inside with the elaborate china place settings, we learned that they normally don't take children under 10. Oops! Mia was amazing and very excited about drinking milk out of her teacup.


That evening was the Pop-Up shop at my parents house. I had the entire new winter collection from styleNmotion plus the past collection on sale! Everyone had a blast trying everything on, styling each other, and start their holiday shopping!


My last night in town we had a relaxing night in with dinner and a dance party! I used to love dressing up like my "big sis" and still don't mind being just like her!


Until next time!

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