Home for the Holidays


(Caitlin) Every time we plan a trip home, we take some time to make sure we see both families and fit in as many friends as we can! This trip was no different, planning every day down to the hour.

My Dad picked up us from the airport and took us straight to see my perfect "nephew" Mac. We hit our favorite lunch spot Jimmy Johns and spent the day playing robots and dinosaurs. That night we went to see his school Christmas show. 20 minutes of little humans screaming Christmas carols. It was adorable!


The next day we ran errands and finished wrapped gifts, ending the day at Grande Finale with our parents and grandparents. It's so fun to get everyone together to catch up every year.


After a delicious dinner, we set our alarms for 7am and went to bed early in preparation for our biggest challenge while home, babysitting!

Morning came quickly and we headed over to play with Mac and Mia for the day. We started early with play dough, followed by some pillow forts and lots of toys. Many snacks and Starbucks later, it was nap time. We have no idea how people have children, but they are saints (and a little crazy).





That night was LoBuono/Munafo/Megginson/Nystrom family Christmas. If you don't understand this relationship please review our earlier blog post Tackling Texas with Toddlers. Every moment with my sister is perfect!




My best friend from high school, Karly, was in town visiting family so she came over for an afternoon of gifts and makeup tutorials!


On Christmas Eve we celebrate with my Mom's side of the family. The night is always full of laughs, wine, and of course a selfie stick!


Being an only child, I am super close with my "baby" cousins. Anytime we are together, we take my favorite picture of all, the cousin picture!


Christmas morning, my Dad, Ryan, and I woke up sick. So sick. Like gross sick.

We had to cancel all our Christmas-day plans and go back to bed. After some rest, we collected ourselves and made it to my in-laws for dinner that night. We went in our PJs (thank you Dakota for the most adorable lounge clothes for Christmas. I wore them for two days straight) and warned everyone to stay away from all our germs.

We ended up having a blast watching Stranger Things and laughing on the couch. Thank you to my amazing in-laws for putting up with us and so sorry for not getting a single picture!

After recovering for a couple days, we got back on schedule and had a redo of Christmas morning at Grandma's house. Mom and Uncle Brad were feeling under the weather, but we made the best of it!


We couldn't come back to Ohio without taking a quick trip to Columbus and seeing some of our favorite peeps! Cate and Travis are our friends from California that recently moved back to Columbus. We had an incredible night of catching up, delicious creole food from Yats, and King of Tokyo.

Wish we still lived down the street from these amazing people!!


Ryan used to work with Phil and Krista in Columbus and we have kept in touch every step of the way. We had a delicious lunch at The Crest and the best convos. Such an inspiring couple that makes me want to take on the world!


It was a busy trip home and we still didn't get to see everyone! Thank you everyone for making the holidays so special and can't wait to come home again in March.

Until next time!

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