Homeward Bound


(Ryan) Earlier in August this year, I was lucky to be asked to do the keynote at M3 Conf in Columbus, Ohio. Since both of our parents live in southwest Ohio, Caitlin and I figured it'd be a good excuse to do our first New York to Cincinnati drive with the dogs.

I booked a rental car through Advantage right next to LaGuardia in Queens and took an Uber. When I showed up to pick up the car, they informed me they don't offer car insurance! We ditched our car when we moved from California to New York since having a car was both difficult and expensive, so I didn't have my own car insurance.

In a pinch, Caitlin found a Hertz right next to us that had a car available. They told her the 7 day rental was going to be $1,600. They askedĀ if we were AAA members, which we still happen to be. That dropped the total rental to less than $600 with insurance! It definitely pays to still use AAA ;)

We packed the dogs up in the back seat and took off for a long day of driving. Caitlin didn't bring anything to do, so she was pretty antsy, but at least the dogs did great!


Back in Cincinnati, we were able to catch up with all of our friends and family. Caitlin went on morning coffee runs with her Dad, Jim.


We got our fix of Skyline with our "niece" and "nephew."


Caitlin was finally able to see her best friend Brandi and meet new baby Noah in person. They had so much fun that Brandi decided to come see us in September!


Every time we go home, we have to hit up our family favorite, Jag's. We have been waiting patiently for Mac to join us! 4 years old is normal for a steakhouse, right?!


My talk at M3 went great! This was my first real keynote talk, so I was pretty nervous. But the audience was engaged and really seemed to enjoy the talk. I'm giving a variation of this talk a few more times this fall, and I think it's off to a great start!


Not to mention getting to spend time with sorely missed friends while in Columbus.


At the end of the week we packed up the car with the pups and made the trek back to New York.


Until next time!

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