Island Life


(Caitlin) Family vacations with my parents are usually planned out years in advanced. Our trip to the Bahamas came at the perfect time!

Packing and leaving the house is always an adventure. I have no idea how people with kids ever leave the house. This is what I was working with 5 minutes before our Uber picked us up for the airport:


I love taking the red eye and not wasting a day. We had a long layover in Miami and took advantage of the Amex Centurion Lounge, endulging on lattes, food, and even spa treatments!

When traveling with our parents, we resort back to being children and blindly expect everything to fall into place. On this trip we had no idea where we were staying. We knew Mom and Dad would pick us up at the airport in a gold mini-van.

That's it.

Turns out that's not the answer customs wants. Whoops.

After planes, the gold mini-van, and a golf cart ride, we arrived at our gorgeous house right on the beach at the Abaco Club! 150 steps from bed to beach.

I didn't know I needed to be so close to the beach, but now I know why.



This trip was all about relaxing! We did a whole lot of nothing, as my Dad would say. The guys played golf, Mom and I worked out every morning, and we binged watched Making a Murder (he's innocent!).



I lived in my robe. It was amazing. If you see a robe hanging in your closet during your next hotel stay, just put it on and relax.



I also taught Dad how to use #fromwhereistand.


And we ate. A lot.

We zipped around in our golf cart and went to dinner several times around the property, including an island BBQ and a gorgeous restaurant called the Cliff House.



We also had a private chef every other night, his name is Ryan, and he is damn cute!


Our final highlight of the trip was the selfie stick. We've had it for months but never taken it on vacation. It was game changing, to say the least!



Thank you Mom and Dad for yet another amazing vacation! Until next time.


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