My Scandinavian Adventure - Part 2


Make sure to check out Part 1!

After a full day of travel, we got to Copenhagen, Denmark!

We booked a room at The Marriott through our American Express for extra points.

I won't do that again!

Copenhagen is pretty spread out so location is extremely important. Figure out what all you want to do and then find a hotel or Airbnb near all of your activities.

Because everything is so spread out, everyone bikes! We were amazed at the number of bikes outside every restaurant, school, train station, etc.


While I unpacked, Ryan found a vegetarian buffet, RizRaz, in the heart of downtown. He knew that would make me happy!

At RizRaz, we sat outside, stuffed ourselves with the best falafel, then headed to Christiansborg Palace. The royal family lived there for a while but it kept catching on fire. Now the palace is used by parliament and for state dinners.


Since it's an active palace, we had to wear little blue booties over our shoes so we didn't scuff the floors. I loved learning the history of the country and royal family, but I really love a mirrored selfie and chandelier!


The library was my favorite room! Two floors, molded ceilings, and multiple chandeliers with sapphires. Yes please.


That night we strolled across town to Madklubben Vesterbro for one of our favorite meals of the entire trip! We sat at the kitchen bar and basically had dinner and a show while we watched them cook and prep.

The next morning we grabbed a quick brunch and headed out on a canal cruise. I didn't expect the entire city to be built around water.


After an hour boat ride with tons of history and sightseeing, we climbed Round Tower for beautiful 360-degree views of the city.


To kill time before dinner, we strolled through Rosenborg Castle Gardens.


There were several gorgeous trails giving us time to chat and reflect on how amazing Copenhagen was.


When it was finally time for dinner, Spaghetteria La Perla did not disappoint! Authentic italian, checkered table clothes, and amazing desserts.

The next morning, we grabbed coffee and breakfast on the way to Amalienborg to check out where the royal family lives.

Before heading into our guided tour (no pictures allowed), we caught the Changing of the Guard.


After our tour, we walked over 3 miles to Christiania. It's basically a hippie commune free from the Danish government. Not my scene at all, but we grabbed some yummy food to fuel our walk back to the hotel.

On our last day in Copenhagen, we were tired and wanted to take it easy. We grabbed coffee and strolled across town to Mad & Katte for brunch. Delicious!

We ended up just reading in a park most of the day and talked about our favorite Scandinavian moments.


We had a quiet dinner at Atlas Bar before heading back to the hotel room to pack.

The next morning, we walked to the train station and hopped on a 5 hour train to Stockholm. We headed straight to the hotel, dropped our bags, and went to the Greasy Spoon for brunch.


We ended up heading back to the hotel, laying around all day, and grabbing crepes around the corner for dinner.


Refreshed and ready to take on Stockholm, we started our day with a free walking tour to learn the history of the city. We stumbled upon this adorable cafe and tried the local cardamom pastry.


We continued with a boat ride exploring the archipelago. I had no idea Stockholm was built in the middle of 24,000 islands!

We ended the night at Nytorget6. We sat in the basement and ate everything. Absolutely delicious and such a fun atmosphere!


The following day we explored downtown and did a Palace tour. The ceilings were extremely ornate! Painted, with moldings, sculptures, and gold leaf.


That evening we had dinner at Urban Deli where Ryan learned he doesn't know how to eat a whole crab. He had an attitude, so we didn't take any photos. I, on the other hand, had a fabulous salad and several glasses of wine!

The next day we did an incredible 4 hour food tour! Learned about all the different neighborhoods of the city, types of traditional foods, and how the locals live.

Then, we took in the Vasa Museum. Crazy story of a huge ship that capsized and sank in Stockholm in 1628. Now restored and on display.


On the way to dinner, we really appreciated the beauty as the sun set over the harbor.


Our very last day of our trip was Ryan's 30th birthday!!


We started at a coffee shop around the corner from our hotel named Johan & Nystrom! So fun to see our name everywhere.


We strolled to the public library because of it's unique structure and massive amounts of books!


The main event was the bath house! Super relaxing with hot tubs, pools, saunas, and tons of reading in lounge chairs.


We did a quick change and headed to an amazing dinner at Riche. Three courses, lots of laughs, and reminiscing about the last decade together.

The best part of the trip was surprising Ryan with 35 birthday cards from friends and family that I snuck in my bag. He's such an incredible, supportive husband, he deserves the world! I'm so happy I could remind him just how loved he is.


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