My Scandinavian Adventure - Part 1


Ryan has always dreaded his 30th birthday, so to make it a little easier we planned a 16 day trip to Scandinavia!

After tons of research on which cities to visit, we booked our Norwegian Air flights and hotels months in advance. As the trip got closer, we asked friends and family for recommendations, but the game-changer was finding Alex at The Nomad's Direction!

After meeting Alex through a Facebook group for women entrepreneurs, we met for coffee and she planned our entire trip! All I did was take a questionnaire so Alex could get to know our vacationing style. I would highly recommend using her to plan your next trip!! Sometimes we went rogue and found on a cute spot on our own, but the rest of the time we loved her recommendations!

After our red eye flight to Oslo, Norway from New York, we checked into our hotel, traipsed around the Palace Gardens, and went to an early Indian dinner. Delicious!


Refreshed and ready to go the next day, we started with a delicious breakfast on the water.


Then took Oslo's super clean metro to the Emanuel Vigeland Museum. This was by far the creepiest, most random museum we've ever been to. No photos allowed inside. Sorry!


We headed to the architect's brother's sculpture park. Beautiful but something was definitely off in that family.



We brought my camera to capture the trip and teach ourselves some photography tricks. Ryan is getting pretty good at photography! This was my favorite styleNmotion look of the trip.


We ended our day with pizza al fresco and a beautiful walk home through graffiti covered alleys.



We woke up early for a museum filled day. But first a yummy breakfast and coffee at the cutest cafe/coworking space.


We hopped on the ferry and headed to The Museum of Norweigan Cultural History. Some parts were interesting, but honestly we left more confused because of the lack of signage. I'd probably skip this museum if you're planning a trip.


The Viking Ship Museum on the other hand was amazing! There were three huge, excavated Viking ships with tons of history.


We ended our time in Oslo with dinner on the water and grabbing an ice cream cone on the walk home. Yes, I ordered cookies and cream in a cup then asked Ryan to trade me for his salted carmel in a cone.


Before we found The Nomad's Direction, we had booked a three day tour through Norway in a Nutshell. We would NOT use them again because all they really do is book your travel and up-charge you. I would book my own transportation and excursions directly with the smaller companies.

That being said, we loved seeing the smaller towns in Norway!! We took the Bergen Railway to Myrdal then transferred to the Flam Railway.


We checked into our adorable bed and breakfast and couldn't believe our view.


We grabbed a quick lunch and headed to the docks for our pre-booked boat ride exploring the fjords. I tried to back out the day before because I was worried about the tiny boat, being cold, and ruining my shoes (not kidding).

They definitely took care of the cold part.


12 people in these ridiculous outfits boarded the tiniest rib boat with a guide. He told us the back of the boat would be the steadiest/safest. Guess where we sat?


We were on the boat for two hours, stopping every once in a while for the guide to tell stories and the history of the fjords. We saw dozens of waterfalls, some goats, and even seals!


After 30 minutes or so I relaxed and realized this was one of the most magical experiences I've ever had. It seriously looked like a screensaver everywhere we turned.


On the way back to Flam, we stopped in Undredal for a cheese tasting at their cafe.


The 70 person town is known for brown cheese. It was too sweet for me but Ryan ate enough for the both of us!


We headed back to our bed and breakfast because dinner was included! A delicious three course meal and straight to bed.

The next morning, we had breakfast at the bnb (again included!) and walked around downtown while discussing the life changing boat ride. We ran into horses and sheep while taking in the beauty of tiny Flam.


We packed up, headed to the docks, had a five hour boat ride to Bergen , and went straight to bed.

The next morning we traipsed around Bergen. It was foggy, rainy, and chilly which is super common for the coastal town.


We explored Rosenkrantz Tower and Ryan got super into the whole fortress vibe.


For being VERY out of the way, Bergen, all in all, wasn't worth the journey, but at least our hotel room sure was pretty!


Top Norway Takeaways:

  1. They know how to eat! Cheese is a major priority, which we appreciated.
  2. The real beauty lies in the fjords! I would totally go back and hop from small town to small town along the fjords, staying in bnbs.
  3. Fly as much as possible, the trains are cute for a minute but then it's just a lot of sitting.

All things Copenhagen and Stockholm will be in part 2, coming your way in just a few short days!

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