Off the Grid in Hudson


(Caitlin) One of Ryan's Christmas gifts from me was a weekend away in Hudson, NY. Without a car, we've become obsessed with Amtrak! We head to Penn Station and Amtrak will get us anywhere on the east coast in a few hours. Plus it's much cheaper than flying and extremely relaxing. So after a two hour ride of reading and tinkering, we were there.

We walked the 10 minutes from the station to the "downtown" area on Warren St. and went straight to brunch at Le Gamin. Adorable antiques with delicious food and their lattes come in bowls!

We back tracked down Warren St. to check into our adorable apartment for the weekend. The couple owns the entire building and has several units for visitors. We stayed in the Fedora suite and loved it!

There really isn't a ton to do in Hudson except relax, eat, drink, and shop! Hudson is known for their antiquing and furniture stores. We walked up and down Warren St and fell in love with Hawkin's New York which has inspired us to update our apartment!

The lady at Hawkin's gave us a few recommendations so we headed straight to one of them - Fish & Game - for a drink and to start chatting about redecorating. Fabulous drinks and a fireplace to cozy up next to.


We then headed to Swoon for dinner which was nice but not life changing. We were back in bed by 8pm, cuddled up, and watching West Wing on Netflix.

After a long night's sleep, we headed to Olde Hudson. While Ryan got his coffee, I traipsed around the market. Everything is local, homemade, and looked amazing! I told him, next time we visit we're going straight to that market to get groceries and cook all weekend in our full kitchen back at the apartment!

We both have been focusing on fitness and decided to try something new and take a class together. So after coffee we headed to Bodhi Holistic Spa Yoga for a yoga class. They have a spa upstairs, yoga studio downstairs, with a fabulous shop of all things wellness. When you check in for your class, they ask if you want to order a pressed juice to have ready and waiting for you after class. Yes please!


After freshening up, we went to Homemade for brunch. Ryan couldn't get enough of his cheddar biscuits and gravy.


On a full stomach, we went back to Bodhi for a couples massage. It was so relaxing and a wonderful last minute decision.

Another recommendation from our friend at Hawkin's was Rivertown Tavern. We already had dinner plans but wanted to check it out and we're so happy we did! We love a good relaxing drink by a fireplace!


Ryan's always taking photos of me for styleNmotion, so with him being this cute and me needing to practice with my new camera, he became my subject at happy hour!


For dinner we headed to Lil Deb's Oasis. It was the most unique dining experience we've ever had! Tiny, eclectic, random, but delicious!


Again we were in bed by 8pm watching West Wing with full bellies. Another 12 hours in bed and we forced ourselves outside. Ryan tried Nolita's Cafe for his morning coffee and I quote, it was "meh."

We went to hot yoga which was intense and popular with over 30 people showing up! It was crowded but an amazing workout. We ordered our juices from Tin Can before class and needed them as soon as we got out!

After a long shower and a mini photoshoot on Warren St, we headed to Graizer's Diner. It looks like a random diner but in fact is the only Animal Welfare Approved restaurant in the country with all locally sourced ingredients. Delicious!


We spent the afternoon at House Rules Cafe playing games. Rummy and Pandemic are our favorites!


We went back to Rivertown Tavern for a drink because Ryan said it was the best mocktail he's ever had!


For our last dinner we wanted to try Hudson Food Studio and it did not disappoint! Cozy vibes with delicious Vietnamese food and, of course, locally sourced!


We didn't get back until 8:45pm (wild!) and I fell right asleep! We stayed in bed as long as possible the next morning, reading and relaxing, then packed up and headed out.

Ryan got his morning coffee from Moto and said it was one of the best lattes he's ever had! We grabbed brunch at Tanzy's, which was quick and easy but not our favorite.

We walked the 10 minutes to the train station, enjoyed the two hour ride back to the city, and came home to two excited pups!

Until next time!

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