The Ultimate Vacation - Moving


(Caitlin) We have now lived in NYC for two months and I am so embarrassed we haven't filled you in on the crazy move! It was a long, intense ride - so buckle up!

We had an amazing send off in California, getting together with friends for dinners and getting emotional for all of our lasts.

The last favorite sushi.


Last dinnner with friends (well, sort of).


The last time at Facebook's campus.


The movers came and packed everything up, leaving us with just our bed. The next day they came to load all the boxes on too small of a truck, which made for a long day.


Finally on the road around 4pm, perfect time for rush hour, we grabbed Wendy's before leaving town. When we left Columbus we had the exact same meal, so now it's tradition!


The pups love the car and even got a new hammock to cuddle in the backseat.


The first leg of our trip was Redwood City, CA to Las Vegas! We knew we wouldn't have time for a show or anything crazy but we thought we would get there in time for dinner.

We were dead wrong.

Because we got on the road so late, hit traffic, and had an 8 hour drive, we didn't get into Vegas until 1am. Just enough time to unpack, sleep, and do it all over again the next day.

However, the room and views were gorgeous, even for 1am.


The next morning we were headed to Denver. We had 11 hours ahead of us, but wanted to make the most of it by stopping at parks for the pups to run around, eat at local diners, and enjoy this crazy adventure!

It was a good plan but ended up being super windy. We just wanted to get to Cincinnati.


An hour outside of Denver, the weather started to turn with tons of snow and ice. We kept climbing in elevation (all the way to 9,000 feet) and the weather kept getting worse.

When we got to our hotel at midnight, the dogs went out to pee and Alexander almost got lost in the snow! After only 6 hours of sleep, we wanted to get on the road before the weather got any worse.

It got worse.

We were driving 25 mph for hours. Then a truck went off the road and shut down the highway for an hour and a half.

A photo posted by Ryan Nystrom (@_rnystrom) on

Once we got through the snow storm, we decided we couldn't do the stop-and-go another day. We were scheduled to stop in Kansas City that night and decided to cancel our reservation and drive straight through to Cincinnati.

We ended up being on the road for 24 hours, taking shifts so the other could sleep in the back with the pups.


Once we made it to Cincinnati, the dogs ran like crazy and we slept for days! We had an amazing week home with friends and family. Here are some highlights:

Catching up with my big sister:


Ryan hanging out with his family:


Dinner with friends and family:


Seeing Brandi becoming a mom:


And best of all, spending time with these trouble makers:


A week later, we said our goodbyes, packed up the car and drove the last leg to NYC. We drove through the night, again taking shifts, so we could meet the movers first thing in the morning.

Turns out we aren't great at math. We pulled into our new apartment complex at 5am and couldn't pick up the keys until 9am. Oops! We waited it out with Starbucks, grabbed the keys, and let the movers in.


The Apartment was absolutely gorgeous! We were so excited to start unpacking and make it feel like home.

Ryan had to drop off the rental car, and I was directing traffic. All while the dogs waited patiently in their cage:


As the boxes started to come in, we started unpacking and realizing that things were wet, missing, broken, and ruined. Cue the water works!



It took a full month to deal with paperwork and the moving company, but it was all taken care of. I think at one point I told Ryan, "if anyone ever talks about moving across the country, just tell them NO." But now we are here, settled in, and LOVING NYC more than we ever thought possible!


Until next time!

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