Turning 30 in St. Lucia


Ryan dreaded turning 30 last year! So much so that I had to plan 16 days across Scandinavia, filled with adventure to distract him!

For my 30th birthday Ryan took the lead and planned our trip! Before I handed over the reigns, I stumbled upon Sugar Beach in St. Lucia, read a few reviews, and fell in love.

We packed so light that for the first time we shared a carry-on suitcase! We only had to pack a few bathing suits, a nice dinner look, and workout clothes. Easy.

After a short 4 hour flight from JFK, we took a car an hour around the island to our resort. We were greeted with chilled towels, water, and fresh coconuts!


Ryan went all out and surprised me with a beautiful villa. Coming from NYC, this room was huge!! It even had a chandelier above the bathtub - my favorite things!


We had a private patio and plunge pool that looked out into the ocean with a beautiful sunset every night.


Most of the trip was spent lounging by the pool and eating. There was a continental breakfast every morning at The Terrace with several lunch and dinner options all on the resort.

Ryan planned two activities: a hike one day and the spa the next.

I'm always down for the spa, and since I've become more adventurous over the past decade, I didn't mind a hike.

What I didn't know was that we would be hiking one of the two famous "Pitons" on the island. 2,618 ft. of jungle. You're required to have a guide and 2 liters of water per person.

To say I was nervous was an understatement! There was a stretch about half way up that I didn't think I would make it. It became rock climbing, using all your limbs. I was ugly-sweating and could barely catch my breathe, but Ryan gave me courage to keep climbing.

On the very last day of my 20's, I climbed my first (and maybe last) mountain!


Getting down sucked! By the end, my knees were killing me, everything was shaking, and for the first time... I felt 30.

The next day was my 30th birthday. We woke up sore and ready to relax at the spa. Another twist, brought to you by Ryan, before getting massages and drinking cucumber water in our robes, we were whisked off to the Sulphur Springs.

There were four pools, all different temperatures, that were created from the volcano. You dip in the water, cover yourself in mud, let it dry, and then rinse off in the pools. It was so unique and great for the skin!


Next, we were taken to the Toraille Waterfall for a photo opp. The water was cold and it was super touristy, but we enjoyed it!


We headed back to the spa for massages, a delicious lunch, and skinny-dipping in this private hot tub!


To end the perfect day, we had dinner at the "fancy" restaurant, The Great Room. The evening was filled with surprises, including flowers, champagne, and a delicious tasting menu!


After dessert, we were surprised with a chocolate cake topped with a sparkler!


Our last day in St. Lucia was spent by the main pool looking out onto the beach.


We reminisced about the last decade together, all the highs and lows, and the life we've built together. It was the perfect ending to an incredible decade!


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