Wedding Bells in Cincinnati


(Caitlin) I always love to go home and visit family and friends, but this trip was extra special! My gorgeous, little cousin got married!

Ryan and I flew home just in time for the rehearsal dinner. It was a beautiful night for a BBQ. We always have to get a cousin picture!


The next morning was Mac's very first T-ball game. I know nothing about sports, but he was incredible! Ryan and I couldn't take enough pictures, videos, and Instagram stories.


After T-ball, everyone came over to my parents house for some Jimmy John's, pool, and wedding prep.

The ceremony was stunning! I cried like a baby when Megan walked down the aisle and could not pull it together. I couldn't be happier for them!


The reception was a blast! Our table was filled with my favorites and right by the dance floor. We dance, we drank, and had too much fun!



My date was extra handsome.


The next day we had a yummy breakfast at my Aunt's house to recap all the fun we had. Then Ryan and I headed down to Clifton to spend some time with his Mom and sister. She lives a few blocks from our first apartment. So after installing her AC units (I laid in her bed and was Instagramming the whole time) and a delicious brunch at Lydia's, we walked past our first apartment!


That night we headed over to Christy's for dinner and recreated the kids Star Wars birthday party.

Two things you should know: 1) I have always loved Star Wars, and could not be happier that Mac is obsessed at age five. 2) I become very depressed when I miss their birthday parties at the beginning of May each year.

Christy knows all of this, so she kept everything from the original party (including a Darth Vader piƱata) so we could feel included!


After a lot of family time and celebrating all weekend, it was back to work! Ryan was working from coffee shops and my parents basement all week and I was off to Germantown for styleNmotion's latest photoshoot!

When you open your own clothing store, it's perfect to have one of your oldest childhood friends be the best photographer in the world! Enter Michelle with Bambino Photography. We shot for hours with both of our Moms and her sister, Deanna, helping out! It was too much fun and the photos are incredible.


Ryan and my Dad brought the puppies up and we did a few photos to celebrate our five year anniversary. This picture melts my heart!


The rest of the week was spent catching up with family and friends, spending some time in the pool, and working!

Thursday morning we headed north, had a delicious lunch with Ryan's parents at Lily's, and continued onto Columbus.

I grabbed drinks with an old co-worker, Jennie, and had a blast catching up! Then we headed over to our friends, Cate & Travis, house for a night of yummy food and games! We always have the best time with them and miss them like crazy! They like to document with polaroids and it could not be more perfect.


The next morning we met our friend Brandon at Red Velvet. More delicious food and great conversation. We headed back to Cincinnati and had a fun backyard grill out with family and friends that night.

The next morning my Grandma and Aunt came over for breakfast. It was so nice to hear about their recent trip to Las Vegas and plan for their upcoming trips to NYC.

Then we were off to our second wedding of the trip! This time it was Christy's cousin, Maggie, getting married. I love a good excuse to get dressed up!


Mac and Mia were in the wedding which was pure perfection!


Maggie was breathtakingly beautiful, the wedding was a ton of fun, and Mac has some serious dance moves!!!


Until next time!

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